Alexis Zarzuela

Alexis Zarzuela

Alexis serves as a Medical Paralegal at Larmoyeux & Bone.

Alexis joined the firm in 2022 and is passionate about helping clients. She takes pride in wearing many hats when it comes to clients, stating, “I’m a friend, an advisor, a listener, and a shoulder to lean on.”

As a Medical Paralegal, she assists the attorneys by reviewing and analyzing client intake information, medical treatment, expenses, liens, and other relevant information to help determine the best legal strategy for each case.

Alexis has a remarkable history of professional development and progression over the years. She began her career as a File Clerk and was soon promoted to Intake Specialist. After excelling in that position, she was again promoted to Legal Assistant and soon thereafter to Medical Paralegal. Alexis earned a Certified Paralegal degree from Florida Atlantic University.

Alexis has a son named Luke and a daughter named Leya, who is named after the swashbuckling siblings from Star Wars. Alexis likes to read psychology books and watch murder mysteries. She also enjoys problem-solving, digging into complex issues, and learning about the human body and mind, which make her ideally suited for her role as Medical Paralegal. Alexis is fluent in Spanish.

“I absolutely love what I do. Our clients come to us because they need guidance in a time of need. It is so rewarding to be there for them – mentally and physically. Our clients know we have their back.”

  • Job Title: Medical Paralegal
  • Email:
  • Telephone: (561) 832-9421