Brian LaBadie

Brian LabadieBrian LaBadie is a paralegal and investigator at Larmoyeux & Bone, specializing in fact finding and examining case components. Brian’s previous experience has allowed for him to bring a special perspective to Larmoyeux & Bone, as he owned an insurance agency for 15 years. With vast experience in the insurance industry, Brian is able to pull from both his legal expertise and his insurance knowledge to provide comprehensive investigations for the firm.

In addition to owning an insurance agency, Brian work as a part-time paralegal for Larmoyeux & Bone over the last 15 years. Coming on full-time, Brian is now able to fully immerse himself to help accident victims receive the justice that they deserve. Brian’s role focuses on qualifying the validity of a case as well as collecting information to build upon his investigation. With a concentration on slip and fall accidents and motor vehicle collisions, Brian’s personal injury experience has proven to be an asset in the protection of clients’ rights.

Brian feels a special connection to personal injury law and his role at Larmoyeux & Bone. As someone who genuinely loves to help people, Brian takes pride in his ability to get the best possible outcome when a person was wronged. Combining compassion, experience, and personal injury knowledge, Brian is an excellent addition to the Larmoyeux & Bone team.

Why Larmoyeux & Bone?

With over two decades of experience working with Bill Bone and the law firm, Brian has seen firsthand the impact that Larmoyeux & Bone has on the West Palm Beach community. Brian believes that Larmoyeux & Bone exude a level of professionalism unmatched by other personal injury lawyers in the area.

In addition, the firm focuses on taking on the right clients who they will be able to fight for a favorable outcome in a lawsuit. From office organization to collecting data and maintaining client information, Larmoyeux & Bone has made a true difference in South Florida.

  • Job Title: Accident Investigator
  • Email:
  • Telephone: (561) 832-9461
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