Brittany Kennedy

Brittany Kennedy serves as Chief Legal Assistant to Senior Partner Bill Bone.  She has over six years of professional experience in the legal field. 

Brittany is a native Floridian with a passion for helping and comforting others.  She earned a College Degree in Resort and Hospitality Management from Florida Gulf Coast University.  When she is not at work assisting clients and their families, Brittany volunteers for a variety of animal rescue organizations.  She’s also an avid baker, and she once owned a bakery business that specialized in making wedding cakes and other high-end custom baked goods.  She has a twin sister who lives in the West Palm Beach area.  

Brittany’s responsibilities include handling nearly all aspects of the required paperwork and documentation for the timely and successful resolution of client cases.  Specifically, she draws upon her legal training and experience to file pleadings and documents prepared by Mr. Bone. She also schedules all client conferences, hearings, depositions, mediations, and various other legal appointments. 

Brittany is often the first point of contact for clients with our law firm.  As such, she is frequently asked the questions below by prospective clients, and she answers as follows:

·         Is there a charge to meet with Bill Bone to discuss my situation? 

No, there is no charge for Mr. Bone’s expert case evaluation, so contact us today to begin the process of protecting your legal rights worry-free.

·         What does ‘contingency fee’ mean? 

Under this type of fee arrangement, the lawyer agrees to accept a fixed percentage of the recovery (either jury award or settlement amount) ultimately paid to the client.  If there is no recovery amount, then the client does not owe any legal fees to the lawyer, so the client pays only if the lawyer is successful in obtaining compensation.  Contingency fee arrangements empower all victims to be represented by an experienced lawyer regardless of financial means.  Mr. Bone represents accident victims on a contingency fee basis.

Why Hire Bill Bone?

Brittany is passionate about her work with Bill Bone because she sees how her efforts and that of the entire team at the firm help people.  Each new case represents an exciting opportunity to help another person and his or her family through a very difficult time.  It’s enormously rewarding for Brittany when clients are able to get their lives back together with the help of the firm. 

Brittany believes that Larmoyeux & Bone is different than other personal injury law firms in South Florida for the following reasons: 

·         Small firm environment results in personal attention for each client

·         Family feel where a person will always answer the phone

·         Personal relationships are established with clients that last long after their case is resolved

Job Title: Chief Legal Assistant
Phone: (561) 832-9434