Charles Robinson

Charles RobinsonCharles Robinson is the Chief Investigator and Paralegal at Larmoyeux & Bone. Working for Mr. Larmoyeux since 1981, Charles maintains a thorough understanding of medical negligence law and how it applies to accident victims. Prior to starting with Larmoyeux & Bone, Charles worked for insurance companies as a licensed insurance adjustor from 1971-1983, where he was investigating and determining coverage and then settling insurance claims of all types (auto, bodily injury, property damage, etc.)

Then, instead of mitigating losses, he switched sides and began helping victims of negligence to receive a full and just compensation for their losses. Focusing on medical negligence cases for Mr. Larmoyeux, Charles is most often asked:

Do I have a valid or prospectively valid medical negligence case?

Taking the lead on medical negligence intake, Charles speaks to prospective clients in order to screen their case as well as gather information about who they are and what happened to them. Charles then obtains a medical chronology of events from them in order to determine if they have suffered substantial and permanent bodily injuries as a consequence of a healthcare provider’s negligent act or omission.

Charles handles the intake and investigation, as cases are valid only when the injury arises as a consequence of the breach of applicable standard of care. Following the intake process, Charles conducts the investigations. As such, he obtains medical records, speaks to experts, and interviews witnesses and, coordinates retaining expert witnesses in order for the case to be fully investigated upfront.

Why Larmoyeux & Bone?

Charles is passionate about his work because he likes helping people who have been wronged due to  medical negligence. Through his work, he is able to see accident victims win their cases and receive just compensation. Through his many years in the legal field, Charles has come to understand that when you take good care of your clients, the attorney fees take care of themselves.

Please be aware that contingency fees give everybody legal access to skilled trial lawyers, an integral part of what sets Larmoyeux & Bone apart from other personal injury lawyers in the South Florida area. In addition, Charles believes that the law firm is special because of the following:

  • Level of personal service
  • Talent
  • Expertise
  • Winning track record

Charles believes that once you become a client of Larmoyeux & Bone, you have a high probability of having a successful case. Charles enjoys golf, spectator sports, reading, automobiles, and riding his Harley.

  • Job Title: Chief Investigator and Paralegal
  • Email:
  • Telephone: (561) 832-7887
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