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    “I was in a car accident two years ago and was referred to Larmoyeux & Bone by a friend of the family. I had never being in a situation like this before so I hired Larmoyeux & Bone to represent me. I had a one on one relationship their staff and the lawyers. Everyone was very helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend them.”

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    “Christopher Larmoyeux was professional, knowledgeable and compassionate during a difficult time in my life. He handled all aspects of my medical malpractice case effectively and without delay. I am pleased with this attorney and his law firm’s service.”

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Accidents happen and Larmoyeux & Bone is here to make the recovery process for you as easy and fast as possible. Call the law office or click the “live chat” button above and  speak immediately with our lawyers and expert investigators. With over 55 years of experience handling cases just like yours, Larmoyeux & Bone is here to provide you with personalized legal care.  Let our one on one legal staff help you get the compensation you deserve today!


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Child Safety Seat Laws Strengthened in Florida


Florida legislature started 2015 with a focus on changing child safety seat laws. As of January 1st, any children under the age of 5 must use a booster seat while riding in a motor vehicle. The booster seat law marks a necessary change in the way parents think about how to travel with children in…

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Florida’s Texting While Driving Ban Still Not Enough

No Texting while driving florida

It’s been almost five months since the Florida ban on texting while driving went into effect, making the Sunshine State the 41st state to prohibit one of the most deadly forms of distracted driving. The ban makes texting while driving a secondary offense, referring to the sending of both emails and text messages, meaning that a person…

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Safe Driving in Heavy Florida Rains

Driving an automobile in heavy florida rains

While the winter months bring snow to much of the country, Florida receives rain and a lot of it. Just last week South Florida received about 18 inches of rain over a quick 24 hour period. With over a foot of rainfall, much of Palm Beach County and St. Lucie County had to deal with…

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At Larmoyeux & Bone, our attorneys focus exclusively on helping injured people. While no two injury cases are exactly alike, they all have one thing in common. Injured people need help to rebuild their lives and, hopefully, get back to where they were before the accident or event that robbed them of their health and peace of mind. We take pride in providing that kind of help. If you face a personal injury, contact a board certified lawyer today for an initial consultation.
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