Legal Assistant

Susan Martinez

Legal Assistant

Susan Martinez is the legal assistant to Larmoyeux & Bone’s chief investigator.

Starting as a file clerk in 1992, Susan has worked her way up, learning all of the ins and outs of the legal field. With over 20 years of experience working with personal injury claims, Susan brings a solid knowledge base to the firm.


Specializing in medical malpractice and personal injury cases (most often auto accidents), all potential cases come through Susan, who is responsible for screening phone calls to the chief investigator.


Susan plays an important role at Larmoyeux & Bone as she communicates with insurance companies and medical providers.


In addition, Susan is responsible for obtaining medical records and bills, medical liens, and anything related to payments for medical treatments. Susan is passionate about what she does because she can see resolutions for people that have been wronged. When a client receives compensation and their lives are made easier in the long run, Susan can rejoice in the difference that Larmoyeux & Bone can make in the lives of so many.


Throughout the many years that Susan has worked in the legal field and with Larmoyeux & Bone, she has been able to truly see the difference between the attorneys at their firm compared to other personal injury lawyers in South Florida.


She believes that the lawyers of Larmoyeux & Bone are not only incredibly intelligent but also share a true passion for helping others. Susan takes pride in working with one of the best lawyers in the country each and every day.


During her free time, Susan enjoys spending time with her three children, dancing with her husband, and watching her kids play baseball and soccer. Larmoyeux & Bone greatly benefit from Susan’s presence on the legal team.

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