Liz Townsend

Liz TownsendLiz Townsend brings many years of experience and an interesting perspective to Larmoyeux & Bone. As the Medical Paralegal with 34 years of legal experience, Liz continues to contribute significantly to the overall workflow and productivity in the law firm as the medical specialist. Working as an insurance adjuster for 18 years, Liz was able to see personal injury law from the other side of the fence, giving her a comprehensive point of view regarding personal injury victims, insurance agencies, and how vital proper legal representation truly is to the outcome of a case.

Some of the most common questions that Liz receives are from injured people wondering what they should do next. These accident victims often ask:

  • What are my rights?
  • What should I do and how does the legal process work?
  • Can an attorney from Larmoyeux & Bone help me?
  • What is the amount of compensation I may receive?

Why Larmoyeux & Bone?

The ability to ease the minds of accident victims is important during the early stages of the litigation process. As such, Liz finds great satisfaction in knowing that she is able to help victims to receive a fair and reasonable settlement to help them out with their future needs. Her passion for her work lies in the good feeling that comes from knowing that the injured party in the case is going to be okay. The greatest passion in her day-to-day job comes in knowing that she was able to help someone.

Liz specializes in the following areas:

  • Medical aspects of cases
  • Medical bills
  • Medical records
  • Takes over after the investigation is complete to wrap things up

Liz has enjoyed many successes in her time at Larmoyeux & Bone. Amongst the most significant are:

  • Most people that they represent stay in touch
  • The firm helps so many people and every one of them remains in close contact to them
  • They become like their “lawyers for life”

Finally, Liz takes great joy in the fact that Larmoyeux & Bone is unlike any other West Palm Beach personal injury law firm. She sees the following as factors that set them apart from other firms in the South Florida area:

  • Focus on the people with a hand-holding type of firm
  • Relationships with clients and personalized service is remarkable
  • Clients say that they cannot believe that the lawyers and staff are so helpful
  • Personal, one-on-one service, with long-lasting relationships
  • A friendly, big team that helps everybody and all work together to assist the clients
  • Get better settlements due to the manner of presentation to the insurance adjusters – extremely corporative with insurance companies as they always receive compliments about how they handle cases
  • All in all, they get top dollar because they do a better job

Liz Townsend on a Personal Level

As the landscape of the insurance industry has changed over the years, Liz has seen many insurance adjusters jump ship the paralegal work. Reflecting the new laws and strict regulations that insurance company adhere to, the accident victims end up suffering in the hand of insurance companies who view them as statistics, not people. As such, Liz finds great pleasure in helping these people from the legal side of things, ensuring that they receive the fair settlement that they deserve.

Liz is a Member of the Mount Botanical Gardens and enjoys landscaping, planting, collecting native plants, and gardening at her home. In fact, Liz is certified by the state of Florida for her garden. In addition to her green thumb, Liz enjoys riding bikes for fun with her husband and grandchildren.

  • Job Title: Medical Paralegal
  • Email:
  • Telephone: (561) 832-9462