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Kathleen Walker

Kathleen Walker

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Legal Assistant

Kathleen Walker serves as a legal assistant at Larmoyeux & Bone, P.L.


Kathleen’s legal journey began in 2007 as a file clerk.  She gained a deep understanding of the real estate legal world through dedication and hard work.  Seeking to broaden her legal knowledge by pursuing a new practice area, she transitioned to personal injury law, joining the team of professionals at Larmoyeux & Bone, P.L.  This shift has been a source of continuous professional growth.

Kathleen plays an important role at Larmoyeux & Bone as she works closely with all team members, ensuring all matters are seamlessly addressed and completed on time. 


Kathleen is responsible for obtaining medical records, bills, and liens, dictations, and preparing monthly reports.  Kathleen has served as a Notary Public – State of Florida since 2007.


Kathleen approaches her work with dedication and enthusiasm, demonstrating her proficiency in computer systems and a positive and collaborative spirit.  Utilizing her problem-solving skills, she actively supports colleagues and clients, consistently striving to exceed expectations.


Kathleen is grateful to be working with the talented lawyers at Larmoyeux & Bone, who are not only incredibly knowledgeable and skilled but also possess a genuine passion for helping others.  Kathleen takes pride in working with and learning from one of the nation’s leading personal injury lawyers on a daily basis.


In her free time, Kathleen cherishes spending time with her daughter, family, friends, and puppy.  She also enjoys relaxing on the beach, traveling to new destinations, and expressing her creativity through crafting.

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