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Mark Hassell

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As the Bike Investigator at Larmoyeux & Bone, Mark Hassell handles bicycle-related accidents.


Mark has participated in races and triathlons for 25 years, giving him a special perspective on bike law and personal injury litigation. His racing experience ranges from France to Switzerland to China to Brazil. Working for the Town of Palm Beach Police Department as the Chief Lifeguard, Mark conducted investigations for the town and naturally transitioned to Bike Investigator at the firm.


As an avid bicycle rider, Mark has been hit by a vehicle on three occasions, giving him an incredibly personal experience with bicycle accidents and how the law relates to them. With his personal experience, Mark can ease clients’ minds because he has been in their position on more than one occasion. In addition, this experience gives him a great perspective as an investigator.


Mark understands that at Larmoyeux & Bone, there is a high level of integrity and honesty. If you have a case and it is legitimate, the lawyers and staff will work as hard as they can to help get the client back on their feet, with bills paid through the reached settlement to get clients to return to the life that they had before the accident.


Mark is extremely passionate about what he does. He directly relates to the experience of being hit by a car while bicycling. He understands the emotions and feelings regarding bicycle accidents, which is the driving force behind his passion. He can help people who have been in the same situation as he has been in several times in his life.


Finally, Mark’s greatest past successes lie in his ability to help settle many property damage suits. Modern bicycles are made of carbon fiber, typically ridden by fast-paced recreational riders. With costs of around $5,000 to 10,000 for these bikes, the typical cyclist wants to replace them as soon as possible to get back on the roads within a couple of weeks. The clients are most excited to get compensated for their bike repair, and Mark takes great pleasure in helping this happen as soon as possible.

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