Elsa Martinez

Elsa Martinez

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Intake Specialist

Elsa Martinez is the Intake Specialist at Larmoyeux & Bone and has over ten years of experience in the legal field.


Through on-the-job training and many years in the industry, Elsa can field questions when potential clients contact the law firm. When receiving a call, Elsa can establish whether or not the person will need an attorney based on their specific situation.


Following the initial conversation, Elsa can transfer the potential client to the right investigator or paralegal.


Elsa enjoys being able to interact with and greet clients when they enter the Larmoyeux & Bone office, as she loves being able to meet new people all of the time.


Additionally, Elsa takes pride in working with Larmoyeux & Bone, as she views them as the most professional, honest personal injury lawyers in West Palm Beach.


During her free time, Elsa participates in her favorite hobbies, such as exercising, dancing, and anything active.


Elsa’s role at Larmoyeux & Bone is important to the overall function of the firm.

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