Larmoyeux & Bone Reviews

At Larmoyeux & Bone, we have dedicated over 20 years to seeking justice for Florida residents across the state. In doing so, we have developed growing relationships with many individuals throughout the community. Our past clients have had a chance to get to know the lawyers within the firm on a personal level. In addition, through Larmoyeux & Bone’s commitment to bettering the community, we have made connections with many people as friends and colleagues, not just as lawyers. These relationships have allowed our firm to grow and thrive throughout the South Florida area. Below are just a few examples of the impact that we strive to make each and every day in our local community.

Thank you Letter from a Client:

I wish to acknowledge the outstanding professionalism and capabilities of Bill Bone and his legal team in representing me in a recent bicycle/SUV accident in Palm Beach County, Florida.  In spring of 2012, I was taken to hospital by ambulance and, over the course of the subsequent 16 months, I was unable to work, underwent three surgeries and countless physio sessions. It was only in September 2013 that I was reaching maximum medical improvement and was finally in a position to make a claim for financial damages resulting from the accident.

Bill Bone and his team from the outset have provided outstanding legal advice; have been excellent communicators providing full, timely, and helpful information to me on each course of action they were proposing; and they have taken a very real and appreciated personal interest in protecting and advancing my interests. As a result of the capabilities and ongoing efforts of Bill Bone and his team, my claim was settled in early December 2013. And while settlements always require compromises on both sides, I am very pleased with the outcome.

I have never previously been in an accident, nor did I ever know of Bill Bone or his team prior to my accident, and I certainly hope I will never be in another accident. But if I ever am, I will contact Bill Bone in a heartbeat to represent me. He provided me with as high a standard of service and value for money as I have ever experienced, and I have seen first-hand why he is at the top of his profession.

-Douglas M.